Nobel Week Lights
Jag vill hålla dig i min famn men får inte

This site-specific light work was made for Nobel Week Lights, and was prolonged until new years eve 2020. In Swedish it's called "Jag vill hålla dig i min famn men får inte" (translation: "I want to hold you but I'm not allowed to") which can be related to our current situation with the pandemic. Every day we are asked to take care of each other and think of our loved ones - at the same time as we have to distance ourselves from each other. Two opposites that make the desire to meet stronger. We get close when we are not allowed to be close.

LOCATION: Hötorgsskrapan nr 5, Stockholm, Sweden.
PARTNERS: Outer Space arkitekter, Kreativ Teknik, Control Dept, LiteNordic Spaces, Martin Professional, AMF Fastigheter.

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